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So next time don’t address a true “LEADER“ as a “BOSS”!

Real Leader is the one who employees don’t feel scared to approach with all their heart. Their true leadership & constant support create a major impact.

Although they are not the same, bosses and leaders are frequently referred to together. A boss factors activities control over coordination, while a leader focuses sense of purpose and direction. A leader develops respect and loyalty through trust and empowerment, as opposed to a boss who might demand respect and tries to control through fear.

Leaders who are transparent, supportive, and authentic are necessary for Gen Z to develop. Leaders who prioritize implementing diversity and equity in their leadership style and organizational culture will be more employee favouring because Gen Z values these concepts. It also plays a major role in ongoing learning and development, so managers who support their staff's development and offer chances for learning and skill-building will see a rise in employee engagement and motivation.

A leader should place a high value on feedback, collaboration, and open communication to encourage the ideal workplace culture. To help their staff members understand how they can develop, they should set clear expectations and goals and offer regular feedback. They should encourage their staff to cooperate and share ideas by encouraging a culture of collaboration and teamwork. A leader should also encourage a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels valued and respected. A leader should set an example by showing the right attitudes and values they want to see in their team members.

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