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I slept only 3 hours! Do you know why? 😴

You might have heard this, "It's your dream that will not let you sleep!"

In the same way, I have a dream to build a company that tells your story to the world. Well, it's been 10 days since I started my own start-ups!

It has been a roller coaster ride! Every client we reached out to, is not ready to start their project. The reasons are different, for each client, in the end, we have hardly made any conversions.

When I say "we", I do have partners! Each one of them is a gem in their own fields.

With all that at a phase, we are about to hit the bottom down of our business plan, if our clients back off.

We have to make it work and trust me, fear of loosing has always been on mind, but we don’t give up. Because we believe in our skills and our work. We believe in the quality output we provide.

So there are a lot of things to learn, and a lot of input from experienced people to be filtered and understood. Everyone has their own side of the story. The same way we have ours.

Sometimes when you look at the times it runs too fast. These 10 days went by in an eye blink.

Back in those office days, I used to wait for the time to be 6 PM. I would rush out to build our start-up.

Now we don't work 8 hours we work 24*7! Hehe! 😁

We are into Digital Marketing | Photography | Vidoegroaby | Event Management | Branding | Website Design | Graphic Design | Application Development and Much More!

In simple words "Do you want to start your own business?"

We build it for you from scratch and once it is ready we hand it over to you!

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