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I Failed 10 Subjects, That Made Me Who I Am Today 🤩🙏

🎓 A Journey of Resilience and Transformation 🚀

👋 Hello my community! Today, I want to share my story with you—a tale of overcoming setbacks, discovering passion, and finding purpose in the unlikeliest of places.

📚 Back in my college days, I enrolled in a BCA program, not because it was my true calling, but simply because my friend chose it. I struggled with my studies and lacked interest in the field, resulting in failing not one, but twelve subjects. It was a challenging time, and I felt lost without a clear direction for my future.

💼 In my quest to find a job, I went through numerous interviews in various fields such as HR and Sales. Though these weren't my educational background, my interest in recruitment led me to a job where I interviewed engineering students. It was during this time that I noticed a common fear among youngsters—searching for jobs without fully understanding the job requirements.

💡 An idea struck me like lightning: I wanted to make a positive impact by guiding young professionals towards fulfilling careers. I decided to start by helping my juniors at my own college with placement training and resume building. Surprisingly, my college authorities supported my initiative, and I found myself standing on stage, talking to students who were facing the same uncertainties I once did.

🗣️ As I spoke about my experiences and the importance of effective communication and skill-building, I felt an incredible connection with the audience. Their attentive eyes and receptive hearts assured me that I was on the right path.

📚 Motivated to improve myself, I pursued an MBA in HR and Marketing, embracing a learning journey that extended beyond traditional education. Though it set me apart from my friends, I cherished the knowledge and skills I acquired, knowing they would be invaluable in the long run.

💼 Encouraged by my passion for helping others, I ventured into entrepreneurship, building three startups. While the road wasn't smooth, each failure taught me valuable lessons and molded me into a more resilient individual.

🌍 Finally, my pursuit of personal and professional growth led me abroad to chase my career dreams. Today, I stand here, grateful for every twist and turn, every stumble and rise, as they shaped me into who I am today—a confident speaker, a mentor, and someone who embraces failures as stepping stones to success.

🙏 I believe that our failures don't define us, but our response to them does. Embrace the lessons they offer, find your passion, and let it fuel your purpose. Together, we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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